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Dan Benefield

Hi Karen, Hope you are well. Love your blog by the way. I have a real passion for traditional kai and rongoa Maori. I would be happy to share a bit of my knowledge (though I'm no expert). I take guided forest walks all the time so just let me know:)
Amanda and I made a tawa berry jelly for the Kawhia Kai fest which turned out to be really tasty. We used the liquid from stewed apples as the base the boiled the berries until it looked right. It has a lovely piney taste and is a beautiful rosey colour.
I think the little fruits in the pic are kohia, native passion vine the reddish coloured pulp is edible though rather bland.
Have a great day.

Karen at Struan Farm

Hi Dan. I would be very interested in a bush walk, especially around our QE2 bush areas (I feel another blog post coming on....). We were wondering if the yellow berries were native passionfruit, but couldn't find any vines and there are lots of karaka.

Let John/me know if you're doing any weekend guided walks in March/April. I am very interested in learning about the traditional sources of food and medicine/healing on Struan Farm in particular so we can pass that knowledge on to visitors. Keep in touch, Karen

David de Warenne

Kia Ora... The yellow fruits above are definitiely of the Kohia (native passionfruit) and not karaka... You couldnt find the tree it came from because the fruits of Kohia are found high in the canopy...

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