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Ann nighy

Hello Karen
I think that John will have a copy of 'Carrick, Pioneer Surgeon' which will give you more information on 'Manah' (not Mana !)
I wrote the book ready for my father's 90th birthday.
What a pity we didn't know you were in Nelson ! I know the Trading Shop in Mapua well. In fact I've sold things there and they are very willing to promote functions.
We have been in this Paradise for 11 years. John will tell you about us!
Greetings to you both and Clifford. The name of my husband!


Hi Ann, John wasn't aware Manah was spelled with an "h," so we've all learned something!
Kind regards,

Ann Nighy

Hello Karen
Have just opened this again. Carrick's father's name was Robertson Blair Robertson. When the clergy asked what his name was he was told 'Robertson' so he was baptised R B R.

Katherine Taylor

Hello! What a great webpage this is!My husband is Carrick's greatgrandson through David Robertson. I am very interested in learning more about the family. I've read the easily accessible websites. Can you recommend any other resources? Do you know if the book mentioned above is still available?

Robyn Higgins

Hello, My late aunt, Jessie Aitken, was employed by Sir Carrick as his cook/housekeeper in the late 1950's, early 1960's. As a young child I got to spend time at Rannoch House, as did my sister. We have some photos of us in the grounds all those years ago and up until my late aunt's death, I was constantly reminded of a time when the nuns came to deliver mail or something for Sir Carrick and I answered the door and told him that there were 'penguins outside.' I do remember that incident and him smiling at me. I would spend time with him in a room with a large chair from memory where he would patiently listen to the ramblings of a young child, or he would be in the kitchen while my aunt made him macaroni cheese for his lunch. When it came time for my aunt to leave his employment, he gave me a tiny blue and white patterned cup and saucer which I think my sister has. My sister and I are hoping to arrange a tour through Rannoch House next month.

Ann Nighy

Hello Katherine Taylor, Unfortunately the Book 'Carrick pioneer Surgeon' is no longer available to purchase. Anyone of the family that you know may have a copy for you to borrow.
I wrote the biography of him ready to present to the family on the 90th birthday of my father John Carrick Robertson. Most libraries, city, historical, medical and others throughout the country bought a copy so you may find one there.
Ann Nighy, Nelson

Heather Lipanovich

Hello - after reading the post by Robyn Higgins I thought I'd like to add a story I recall with fondness from my early childhood. My paternal grandfather Nikola Lipanovich worked for Sir Carrick Robertson.
I'm not exactly sure what it was he did or how long he was employed by Sir Carrick.
One Christmas Day a chauffeur driven car arrived at my grandfathers home - Sir Carrick had come with a gift for my grandfather. The gift was some type of alcohol.
Without knowing anything about this man and given it was Christmas day to me it shows more than politeness or good manners it seems to be the gesture of a kind and thoughtful person.
For some years I have been intrigued by Rannoch House and it was only yesterday that I learnt this is where my grandfather worked - until yesterday I had believed Sir Carricks home was in a street adjacent to Government house.
Kind regards

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