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Hey Karen. Thanks for the heads up on this cowl. I downloaded it and think my Sis-in-law would love it for Christmas. The tutorial is excellent, however, I still prefer the German method of short rows, it's the only one I use unless i have to explain wrap & turn to a customer. You-tube has some good vids on it. Let me know how you like the Spectrum! I'm completely in love with that colorway in all the bases ;-) Kris


I too love this and want to knit this for my mother. I am unfamiliar with short rows and have a couple of questions. I did look at the tutorial but I still am little dizzy. I am going to practice on scrap yarn. Could you tell me what "set up the round" means? I have never heard that term. I am new to knitting, a couple years now but am just challenging myself with some different stitches.

Would love any suggestions or help.



Hi Maria,
I've just looked at the pattern, are you talking about "Set-up Round: purl all stitches?" That just means go around purling one round. You're working in the round. They're using that to mean that this is the row before anything else exciting is meant to happen! It's good to use a marker so you know where that is, although on this project it's pretty easy to see it anyway.

Short rows have always been confusing for me, but the Purl Soho tutorial really helped me. I printed it out and flicked through it as I worked on that section to keep everything straight, knit or purl side. Otherwise I wouldn't have remembered how to do it. My friend Kris above likes the German method for short rows, apparently there are You Tube videos for that, but I haven't tried it and don't know if that would confuse you more than Purl Soho. But basically it creates the triangular shape of the bandana. Good luck!

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